Want To Be Featured?

Do you have what it takes to be one of my real fans? Are you an up- and – coming writer, a real fashionista, artist or simply a devoted fan? Well if so, submit an email and you might just find yourself as a feature in one of the sections on my blog. For further information, please email me at carmenxueli@gmail.com. see below for more details and info. Carmen xoxo

Are you a fashionista? Do you find that the moment you step out the door, all eyes are on you? Do you receive tons of compliments on your personal style? Well you could be a feature in the Fashionista section of Carmen XueLi. Here are the simple requirements:

– A picture of you that sums up your personal style.
– First & Last Name (Last names will not be placed on the site).
– City & State (You currently live in).
– Occupation (You may put down student). ***
– One paragraph answering only ONE of the following questions:

           1. Who/ what motivates you each day?
           2. Explain your personal style. Does your.      style have an impact on wherever you go?
           3. If you were on a deserted island, what are the three (3) things you would have to have with you?
           4. What is your dream vacation?
           5. Name one thing you have to do before you die, and why?

Are you an up-and- coming writer that wants a bit of exposure? Are you shy? Do you write under an alias or aka. If so, and you are interested in being in Excerpts, you could be featured. Here are the requirements:

-a simple short story (no longer than 5 pages), poem, or one chapter from your book.
– First and Last Names OR alias/ aka (some form of name must be submitted, but last names will not be used. For last names, only the initials will be placed with work i.e. “Unity” by Terry K.).
– City & State you currently live in.
– Short bio***
– Picture***

If you are an artist interested in being featured on Carmen XueLi, feel free to submit your work to be featured on the site. Tatoos are also forms of art. Requirements:

– First & Last Names OR artist name (for tatoos, submit the tatoo artist’s name, and where they are located).
– City & State you currently live in.
– Short bio***
– Picture***

Devoted fans
If you just love the site and you want to show me some love, submit a picture of you reading Carmen XueLi and a short paragraph of why you love the site.


NOTE: Carmen XueLi takes no responsibilty for the use of submissions/ pictures. All submissions must be from the artist/ fans.

Good luck and much love…

Carmen xoxo ❤


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