The Dream- Chapter 7

Christina was annoying me. She had me go over everything I had already told her before. She was so into the fucking details and that it was really starting to piss me off.
“I already told you! I took her to the friend’s house and she went over the whole thing with me and she pretty much knows what happened but she doesn’t suspect anything.”
“I just find it so amazingly convenient! Daniel you are a genius! Once you’re married to her, can you imagine? I mean… think about the millions this bitch is gonna get? I’m just thanking God you were on the boardwalk that night!”
“I know”. She was so excited. I was happy to know that soon, everything I wanted to do for Christina would be possible. She was a pain in the ass but her ass sure did make up for it. Once I had her face in the pillow I really could care less what she said or did. I told her I would call her later when I got off of work.

I started thinking about how long the case would be and how long I would have to keep up the charade. If it wasn’t a few millions involved I wouldn’t do it but it was going to be worth it. As I started letting my thoughts wander I got a call from Tara.
“Hey you!” She was filled with this enthusiasm that was almost childlike.
“Hey yourself. How are you feeling?” “Well I am trying too get through the day. I’m working through the madness I guess… trying to recount the events accurately.”
“You’ll be fine. I may stop by later”. I wanted to reassure her that I was the one she could trust. I didn’t want to use her but all I could see were dollar signs. Soon enough, I would be on an island somewhere. I sweet talked her and hung up. I wanted to freshen up before heading over to see her. In the shower, all I could see were signs. Getting dressed… dollar signs. Driving over… dollar signs, but once I got there and looked in her eyes, they left.


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