The Dream- Chapter 4

The next couple of weeks were difficult. I moved back home to Connecticut and found that it was not easy to sleep alone in a lonely apartment after recently being sexually assaulted. The nightmares and reoccurring dreams were horrible and of course, I wouldn’t dare find myself out at night. I decided that I would press charges. I didn’t know much about this guy, but he was apparently on probation, and also was found not guilty to a few murders based on the evidence bring tampered with, but many people felt it was shady business, and that people were paid off to let him off easy. He was related to the Morgan family, and they had riches beyond the Walton’s and the Trumps, but they lacked the prestige of the Kennedy’s. Nevertheless, he made his way back out, but since his release, authorities were searching for a way to get him back behind bars for good.

I would occasionally receive a text from Daniel, just to check on me. I was feeling scared and tired of the constant fight between sleep and violent nightmares, and so  one night, I called him.
“I hope I didn’t wake you?”
“No Tara you’re good. Are you ok though?” I broke down crying. I wasn’t used to not having him around to make me feel protected and comfortable in my own skin and I had grown so accustomed to it since the attack.
“Text me the address and I will figure it out.” He had sound so tired, and I was sure he was talking in his sleep. I felt guilty. So incredibly guilty. In three hours, he was there, in my livingroom, sleeping on my sofa. I could finally rest.

Smoke Without Fire.

Around six I was up. I would have to start going back to work if I wanted to keep my spot. It wasn’t this huge pad, but it was mine. I had one bedroom, one office, a large livingroom with high ceilings and a decent sized kitchen. I made my way to the kitchen, being careful to avoid this dust bin and broom that always found a way to make me trip. Daniel was already at the table. I was shocked when I saw him. I screamed out loud, loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but he calmed me down. “damn keep it down!” He walked over to me. “You okay? ”
“Yeah”, I said, a bit frazzled.
“I didn’t mean to scare you.” He took me in his arms and hugged me. I pulled back a bit and looked up into his eyes. It was inevitable, but I fought it. I pulled away. I wanted to congratulate myself. “We are friends right?” I had to ask him.
“We are”.
“Good, because I need my friend.” I walked out and headed back to my room.

“I’m headed out. I gotta be at work by 9.” Daniel looked so handsome with his backpack on one shoulder, standing at my bedroom door.
“Did you have breakfast? I can make you something.”
“Nah, I’m heading out.” Daniel started out towards the bathroom, but soon I found myself standing behind him with my arms wrapped around his waist. I wanted to say thank you, but I wanted him to feel me. He pulled one arm off and qpulled me away. Then, without warning, Daniel lifted me, my legs dangling over his right arm. He placed me on my bed and said “stop fighting me.” He hovered over me and gently sank down into my highly anticipated kiss. I felt uneasy. I pushed him off, but forced him to lie down. I straddled his body and inhaled the familiar scent of listerine on our tongues. I released the repressed passion I had for him that was locked away for years. I had been dreaming of a moment like that forever, and there we were, creating it. As it got more intense and I could feel him stiffening and growing between my legs, I drew away.
“I’m sorry”, he said. He got up, grabbing his belongings with one motion, and like that, he was gone.


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