The Dream>Chapter 3

Looks aren’t always what they seem. A man can pretend to be happy with the baddest chick on the side, when inside, he yearns for something new.

It felt strange not seeing Daniel in a few days, but it wasn’t long until we would see each other again. He called me and asked if he could take me out to have dinner. I told him I didn’t think it was ok and that I was not ready yet to start going places. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. We decided to catch a movie after a long debate on how I felt being around so many people after what had recently happened to is. I asked him if it was ok with his wife. “When I see you, we will talk”. He sound hurt.

I threw on some sweat pants, and my FSU jersey sweat shirt. I had to trek my parents a million times I would be ok. My father was taking it the hardest, surprisingly. When I got in the car, Daniel sarcastically said “what? No six inch heels and a miniskirt?” I laughed and closed the door. At the first stoplight, I turned to him and began the interrogation. “What is going on with you two? I want to know.”

“She left me for her ex. I guess she had an idea that there was something behind my not being there.” I wanted to make sure I processed what he was saying before I reacted.
“Your not being there because of what happened to me?” I turned my body towards him now, but the seat belt was so restricting. He was focused on the road. ” I really hope you are not telling me that I’m the cause? Just because you were helping me through this time?”
“Tara you are not the cause. This was a woman I should not have married, but I did, and I mean look, even though I did love her, she wasn’t supposed to be my wife.”
“Daniel, I’m confused. My head hurts”. I couldn’t understand how he could love her and let her go.
“Then let’s change the subject. I’m trying to relieve the stress and take your mind off of things.” I wanted to know why. He put his right hand out, for me to take it I guess, but I slapped it. He started laughing at me, which got me to laugh back. I wanted to just slap him in the face and ask a billion questions, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“Are you guys legally separated? Do you still love your wife? How often do you guys speak? Why are we spending do much time together? Are we just friends? why did you come to the hospital everyday? Did your wife know you were coming to see me? Did your wife know about the kiss? Why did you kiss me? What are we doing? Where is this going? Do you have feelings for me? What were you doing on the boardwalk that night? What did you want to tell me?

When we got to the movies, I told him I needed I second. He came around and opened my door for me. “You ok?” I nodded and stepped out. He closed the door behind me and locked the car. Beep beep! I felt naked and exposed. Once in the theatre, I felt safer. There was a lot of light, a lot of people and Daniel, which made me feel better about being out of the hospital.

We decided to watch see a romantic comedy. I didn’t get any snacks. He got a soda. No matter how much he asked, I refused to let him buy me anything. w say at the back because I felt safest there, seeing each person as they came in. midway, through the movies and the laughter, Daniel leaned over to me and whispered “are you ok?” I turned and smiled and said “yeah. I’m actually glad you convinced me to do this. You’re a good friend.” He nodded and sat back. I few more minutes passed and I felt him looking my way, so I turned to him. I thought he would shy away, being caught, but instead, our eyes locked. I smiled, but I knew it was half assed. His stare scared me a little, even though I knew he was safe, and that I was safe with him. I just didn’t want to be looked at by any man. “I’m just glad you’re ok”, he said, with a serious look on his face. “let’s watch the movie. W came here to relieve stress… Remember?”
“Yeah, I remember”, Daniel said, and moved his arm from the arm rest we shared. I didn’t mind. I wanted some space.


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