It’s Been A Long Time Coming

Mr. Secret was walking into the venue when I stepped out of the taxi this morning. I stalled with the driver a bit, in order to let him get ahead. He did get ahead, and for a moment, I felt invisible. He walked to the front of the venue, where he bobbed and weaved through the crowd to get to the main door, to the treasurer. Why he was there, I hadn’t a clue, but it quickly became real to me.

He had no business there today. He wasn’t dressed for the occasion, and it amazed me that he was there when he claimed that he had to be at another venue at the same time.

Why was he there?

He walked over to me and grabbed my arm, my back facing his front. I turned around and he said “hey, what’s up”? I responded with an empty “hello”. “Why are you saying it like that?” He asked, quite concerned. “I said hello” I said, and gave a smirk that got him to smile back. The look in his eyes told me one thing. He still wanted me and he felt something. I hope my eyes did not say anything that would blow my cover. Of course I still love and care about Mr. Secret, but I cant allow and condone someone hurting me like that all the time.

He left, possibly feeling content that he saw me. I refuse to give him any attention. I will remain strong and eventually I know I will get over him he’s an asshole and at the end of the day, I know I’m worth way more than he makes me out to be.

Carmen xoxo


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