Wax Cold

So the Bible says, and so it is. Amen. So lit it be written, so let it be done.

So this guy I’ve known since kindergarten is attempting to talk to me. I, of course, am not interested at all. He’s one of those that was once a geek, became a jock playing football in h.s. and then now, he’s got his degree, too much confidence, and extra fat. So what!? Yes I said it, and hell yeah I’m superficial right now. I highly doubt that he is Mr. “The One”, and I’m not interested anyway. I think that after all I’ve gone through with Mr. Secret, I am just giving up. This time around, I am leaving men alone, for good.

No I’m not a lesbian now.
Well… maybe non-practicing…

Anyway, I digress. So last week was my birthday. I caught Mr. Secret flirting with my homegirl. She was giggling like the shit was funny. I wanted to clobber them both with a baseball bat. I was hurt, sad and tired. Earlier, he snatched my phone in an attempt to find naked pictures of me. I had to ask him if he would say happy birthday. He said it like a passing phrase. No emotion. He didn’t even look me in the eyes. After seeing him flirt with my friend, I told her off and I sent him a quick text, telling him to leave me alone and that I was done.

Earlier that week, Mr. Secret asked me if I wanted to move in with him. I thought “FINALLY! I’m getting what I want! I’m getting him!” That wasn’t the case at all….

Now that this guy started texting me (he got my number from my facebook), I am just so turned off. I didn’t even go to church to see the hot guy I told you all about. Not interested anymore. I’m tired of the bullshit. I’m tired of being hurt. This just doesn’t feel the way it should and that excitement you initially feel when you like someone is gone. I just want to concentrate on making money and traveling. Vanuata, Paris, Pompeii… skydiving, skiing and rock climbing… people, food, events…

Men aren’t going anywhere…

Carmen xoxo


One thought on “Wax Cold

  1. Have time with yourself, have fun 🙂

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