Irene and Mr. Secret

So I haven’t written anything to you all since some time last week. I didn’t forget you all. Matter of fact, I made sure to start something, but with the threat of hurricane Irene on my beach house, I had to evacuate. The area I went to had terrible signal, and I couldn’t even publish my story, so I just deleted it a few minutes ago. It was old anyway.

Mr. Secret showed me his true colours this weekend when he didn’t even call me to find out if I was okay. he went on vacation, somewhere warm, and didn’t have and ounce of care for me and whether my entire house would get washed away. It still hurts, but I’m moving forward. The day I look back and decide to try to explain the way I feel again, I think I would do a dis-service to myself and all of you. I think it’s well over-due.

I guess I’m just allowing the time to go by and see where it takes me. It’s a good time for me right now and I’m in a really happy place. Honestly. I think my friends have stepped up to support me and God has protected my heart so much. I feel at peace and I’m ready to get things done. I think it’s time to just move forward with my life and think… hmmm, Carmen what is it that you really want? Peace of mind is number one. Then patience… then understanding.

One day at a time.

Carmen xoxo


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