Some Great Lyrics- Miguel’s “Sure Thing”

“Love you like a brother/
Treat you like a friend/
Respect you like a lover/

You could bet that/ never gotta sweat that!

Even when the sky comes falling/
Even when the sun don’t shine/
I got faith in you and I/
So put you’re pretty little hand in mine/

Even when we’re down to the wire baby/
Even when we’re do or die/
We can do it baby simple and plain/
Cause this love is sure thing/”

This song just does something to me. I don’t have a love like this right now, but I think this song gives me hope, that God will bless me, and that He does have a sure thing out there for me. Someone will love me, and wants to give all his love to me. I know how Adam must have felt, being all alone, yearning for someone… a companion… that’s the way we were made. Man and woman…

I just think songs like this, with simple and plain lyrics that speak the truth always touch my heart because it gets to the core of a feeling without beating around the bush. Isn’t that what we want? A sure thing? To know that even if the world is falling apart, we have love? That’s beautiful…

Carmen xoxo


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