The Funny Thing Is

If I could just give God thanks and feel content with it, I would feel so much better, but I know my praise is inadequate to His love and mercy. The relief I feel in my heart and soul right now is priceless. I asked God to give me strength and peace and He has! I’m so blessed.

The funny thing is, I thought Mr. Secret’s bi-polar ways would have broken my spirits and killed my esteem (because I assumed he was “the one”— ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!), but the power I feel inside today is the assurance that he was not the one. Somehow, I attempted justifying his actions, but I know that love doesn’t hurt. You can’t rationalize someone making you cry and lacking sympathy for your tears. You can’t justify a man yelling at you when he’s angry or cutting you off when he’s had enough of you and then picking you back up like a toy in a box. You can’t make everything alright. I can’t either. Hell, how would that look if I’m standing up encouraging all my female readers to run when we see the red flags, but then I stay in an unhealthy situation?

Carmen xoxo

They say women go after men like their father’s.


One thought on “The Funny Thing Is

  1. “They say women go after men like their fathers”. Which is probaby (mainly) why I’m still single. I don’t pursue, or allow myself to be pursued by men, in fear of attracting “my father”. I’m so glad you know your worth Carmen. And Mr. Secret is not deserving of it.

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