Mr. Secret has totally played himself. I’m done. I’ve moved on and this time, I’m not looking back. He’s crazy. He pretty much told me to leave him alone after everything he told me about how he’s feeling about me. He can’t handle the fact that he’s in love with me and hasn’t gotten caught up like that in a very long time. He probably hasn’t been in love for years, seeing as he’s this big time player anyway. I will NOT go back to him. That’s a done deal. Sorry to all of you that wanted to see us together, but honestly, I’m not sorry… not even for him. His damn loss! Never gonna happen! I’m tired of the bullshit and the pain. He’s bi-freakin-polar and I can’t do this anymore. It’s unhealthy and I don’t deserve to be mistreated this way. I know my worth.

Carmen xoxo

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