What You Like?

I want a big ass. I want a bigger ass. I want an ass like Nicki Minaj. I want firmer breasts. I wasn’t supposed to have droopy boobs. I am supposed to have nails like Beyonce and hair like Rihanna. I am supposed to have the body of a goddess, with protruding, plump nipples and wide eyes that are shaped like almonds. Mary J. Blige has amazing eyes. She doesn’t even need eye liner. I need clothes like Lil Kim and a personality like Jennifer Hudson… something with lots of spunk and attitude. I want to be perfect.

I want to be accepted by men… by women… by God…

Flip side

God made me perfect. He made me in His image. I have big breasts… 38DD, and though they no longer stand at total attention, they are so beautiful. They will feed my hungry child someday.
I have kinky hair, and my locks look a mess most days, but I love that funky look. I think it represents me a lot…. funky and all, ya know?
I have big feet. They hurt when I wear shoes with 4 or 5 inch heels. They can’t stand the pressure of my weight.
I am a thick girl and I love every single dimple, every single curve and twist and turn that make up my body. My small ass keeps me gounded and my tummy reminds me that I am hungry… and I love food!
This tummy will hold my child, and allow it to grow and gain strength, and exist. People will rub this tummy as the I continue the circle of life. I am a woman.

I am not a superwoman. I was created in His image to bear fruit in due season. I was made perfect in his sight. I am perfectly and wonderfully and fearfully made. No other artist or doctor can mold a better me. I love myself.

I accept myself for who I am, because God makes no mistakes.

Carmen xoxo


One thought on “What You Like?

  1. I love this post! So uplifting, positive, and honest. Thank you for letting us in…Carmen.

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