I’m gonna be better
With time
I’m gonna stand up, hold my head high
And reach for every star
In the sky

-I’ll get over you
Even though I still cry at night
I’ll get over you
And I’ll be better with time
Because I still do
Love you
I know I do and I won’t lie
But I promise I’ll be better
in time…

You’re gonna regret it
That you let me go
You’re gonna wish that you took your chance
with me and give me more
Than a passing glance

Cause you knew you love me yeah
And you knew that I was the one
And you knew that you were falling deep inlove
Yeah you knew I love you
As big as the universe
But in the end does it even matter at all

Cause I’ll be better
off without you
I’ll be wiser next time
I’ll know what to do
Yeah I’m gonna be better
Better with time
And by then
You’ll no longer be on my mind….

Carmen xoxo


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