What A Day!

I’m currently sitting in Urban Outfitters right now. I’m feeling a bit depressed… or should I really say “oppressed”? I need a new job, immediately… and I need to get rid of my never ending bills. At this present moment, my bills are killing me. I just called in to check the balance of a bill and found out that I forgot to pay my bill last week (which has actually never happened to me before) and not even a week later, I have been sent to the collection agency.


I’m totally distraught and devastated. I don’t know guys. I guess my job keeping me at part-time has had such a huge effect on me and my finances. I’m totally distraught right now. I feel like a failure today. At least I can honestly say that I had great credit, and let’s face it… minorities are always stigmatized as people with horrible credit. Here I was, being an odd woman out, with the odds stacked against me, and now, I’m totally screwed. It sucks to do good. I have always used my money for good things, rarely ever splurging on myself. I’ve never gone crazy and bought a Louis, but I have paid my tuition on time. It sucks to do good, but never stop doing good.

I won’t dig myself into a deep pit of depression about this. I guess a lot of people are struggling right now, and I should be thankful that regardless of which, I can still make due with whatever I have.

Here’s to making lemonade!

Carmen xoxo


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