Fashionista: Nails Nails Nails







So the new trend that has really been making more than a statement this summer is nails! Whether you try acrylic tips, or simple manicures, uv gel has been a huge hit with the ladies that get tired of doing their nails every week. Chipped nails are never in! Manicures are said to last for about 2-4 weeks so choose your colours wisely!

The newest fad, along with crackle nail polish by OPI and Sally Hansen, is pattern nail design and shaped nails. It used to be square nails, but now, rounded nails have made a comeback, and even pointed nails have been made big. Whatever it be, ladies are using their finger nails tp speak tons about their personalities. It’s even becoming popular with celebs like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna.

Check out a few pics and try it out! I’m loving the square nails with one pattern on the ring fingers that speak volumes. The other 8 nails will just be a solid colour, like pink, peach, or glitter. I also love the ethnic patterns! Sally Hansen has a line of stick on nail polish, and some even have patterns like leopard and camaflouge, all under 15 bucks. You can go to your nearest drugstore or major chains like CVS, Duane Reade, or Walgreens, and for beauty assistance, Sephora is a great place to go for advice. It’s a do it yourself project that’s a great idea for a girls sleepover or just a lazy Sunday afternoon. Hey, with ten fingers, the possibilities are endless! Have fun ladies!

PSA: When in doubt, go to a professional nail salon!

Carmen xoxo


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