Speaking To Me

Have you ever heard the voice of God repeatedly speaking and ignored Him… whether through others or in signs? So I just saw a woman on the train that spoke to me.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about stepping out on faith, but I’ve been ignoring it. I’ve been telling myself “I’m not good enough”, or “what if I fail”, and so far, the only thing that has done is keep me in fear. Everytime I go to the bank, there is a teller that would make small talk with me.
“Keep your head up, Carmen! Don’t give up girl. Stay in school”.
Well today I saw her on the bus, and I didn’t want to bother her. Well when she got off at my stop and zoomed down the train stairs, I assumed that she was gone. I went down the stairs slowly, and she suddenly appeared in front of me. I had to say hi. We staryted up small talk. I don’t know how she got to the topic of my artwork? Well we got to it, and I showed her some of my work on my phone. She began telling me to step out on faith.

Step out on faith…

Okay. I will. I hear, and I have faith that God will line everything up, as long as I continue to trust Him. I’m trusting….

Carmen xoxo


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