The Aggressor- Coming To Terms by Carmen XueLi

“Give me everything! Give it to me! Right there… right there… don’t move… yeeeeeeeees!”

The room was well lit. Melany hated having sex in the dark. She told her husband before they slept together the first time that she didn’t like having sex in the dark, and that he “had better start getting used to sex at anytime, day or night”. She had a confidence within herself unlike any woman he had ever known that just drew him in, at first, against his will. He knew that Melany was confident, but it wasn’t until he had been with her that he realized who she really was.

Melany knew she had George wrapped around her finger, but with men, she was never too sure. The confidence she projected was necessary for herself, because she knew what men were capable of. Most of them tried to dog her out, and for the majority that failed, it helped to confirm her theory: men were always only interested in sex. It was what drove them, what motivated them to exist… the possibility of sex ensuing.

George didn’t realize he had a nymphomaniac on his hands. He assumed he was ready for it, and for the first 3 years, it was awesome, and he couldn’t get enough of Melany, but soon, the honeymoon came to an end. Melany could want George at any given time of the day, and for him, at times, it proved inconvenient. It started with sneeking into his showers in the morning. He began taking showers earlier and earlier until he decided he refused to wake up at 3 AM to take a shower and go back to bed, because she would only find her way in the shower and demand to be pressed up against the tile, face forward, as he entered her from behind.

The shower was one thing, but soon, Melany decided that she needed him while he was making his morning coffee. He usually waited until the last minute to put his suit on, because once he entered the kitchen, hugged her from behind and kissed her neck, she was ready to tear his clothes off. He couldn’t handle being late to work every morning and getting heat from his boss at the firm for being late, and often times, he had the smell of sex still lingering on his skin. Melany surprised him once for his bithday by appearing in his office on a rainy day with her trencoat on, totally drenched from head to toe. She plopped her wet body in his leather seat. The view from his private corner office reminded her of why she pushed him so hard in college. She was always his driving force, and there was nothing George wouldn’t do for her. He closed the door behind her, and begun questioning her.
“Mel, what the hell is going on” he interrogated?
She waltzed over to him and put a finger on his lips and whispered “shhhhhhhhh. Shut up and get this birthday present”. He quickly turned the lock on his office door and turned the blinds that covered the inner office windows. Melany let her trencoat drop to the floor before he could make it over to the blinds that covered the windows to the outward view from the 47th floor of their building. “Mel, you’re crazy”, he shouted!
“Crazy for you daddy”, she purred. She swayed her hips from side to side as she walked over to his desk, sitting on it and spreading her legs. George couldn’t refuse. He never refused.

The final straw for George was when they got into an argument about having kids. Melany was not concerned with having children, and George couldn’t understand why she loved sex so much, but didn’t want to follow through with the act that was created for procreation and not necessarily recreation. He stopped speaking to her for two weeks. In this time, George avoided Melany, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to survive very long without sleeping with him. Sunday morning of the third week rolled around, and the sunlight didn’t smack George in his face as it usually would, from his patio window. Normally, Melany would wake him up for Sunday morning sex by opening the curtains, but for the past three weeks, his eyes had to adjust to the darkness of the room.

This Sunday was different. He woke to the sound of Melany’s voice hovered over him. George opened his eyes, feeling Melany sitting on top of him. He motioned to push her off, but his hands snapped back. “What the fuck”!? George looked at his hands first, noticing the handcuffs, and then his feet, which were tied to the bed post. “Melany! Get off of me and get these handcuffs off of me. Are you crazy”?!
Melany placed a finger over her mouth and shushed George. Then she whispered “can you leave the yelling to me daddy? I’m giving you what you want”, adding in a sarcastic tone “this is still how you make children, isn’t it?” She let out a small chuckle and mounted him. Against his will, he felt his own body giving in, as he got hotter and hotter. Most of his heat stemmed from anger. As Melany rode George, he layed there, totally distraught. She was taking this whole thing too far. She was forcing him, against his will and she knew it. Though she was giving in to his desires, and he knew he had the power, he didn’t feel right about anything anymore. He wanted a divorce.

When it was over, Melany went for the keys and unhooked him. She then, gently, untied his feet from the bedpost. George was unable to move. Melany walked away and went into the shower, unaware of George’s feelings. All the while, George was unsure of what to say, or do. His anger began overflowing and he quietly made his way to the bathroom and watched her as she washed her hair, leaning back into the water. He slid the door, and watched his wife, her eyes closed, totally oblivious to his presence. He stepped in the shower and closed the door. The sound of the door sliding up to hinge and snapping startled Melany and she jumped.
“Oh shit George! You scared me”, she yelled. She was human.
George grabbed her in his arms and pulled her close to him.
“George, what are you doing? What’s going on?” She was clearly shocked. She was always the aggressor. She had begun to enjoy the power she thought she had. Suddenly, George gripped a handfull of her hair in his hands and drew her in forcefully, for a very passionate kiss. She was scared, but she wanted to see where he was going and she kissed back. He was very strong and his kisses felt like up pent up rage. She tried to run her hands on his body, but he grabbed her hands violently and pulled her away. He stared in her eyes, but it was more of a glare. He released, and  then grabbed one hand, twisting her hand behind her back, pressing her up against the tile.
“George! This hurts!” Melany felt him entering her, but it wasn’t the way she was used to. His docile, calm and gentle self had gone and had been replaced with a strong, domineering man, full of rage. She secretly smiled with fascination as George manhandled her, entering her body with rough strokes. George began giving her the best sex she had ever had. Melany was pleasantly surprised that George was taking control, but couldn’t understand if it was out of love or anger.

When it was over, Melany was weak. George walked out of the tub, straight out of the bathroom, and attempted to get dressed. She tried to recover, but the life was drained out of her. She held on to things and made her way to her towel. When she finally got to the room, George was gone. She tried calling him, but his phone went straight to voice mail. She sent a few texts, but got no response. She looked around to see if he took his car keys, but he didn’t. She assumed he went for a jog, which he did often, in their neighborhood park a few blocks away. Melany got dressed and went back into bed. She was sore and in pain, but worst of all, she was confused. She kept asking herself what had happened. Was he mad? Was he frustrated? Why was he so strong?

She danced around the thoughts, but ran from the final thought, until she couldn’t run anymore, and it smacked her, right in the middle of all the questions she had asked herself.

“Did I create a monster”?

She placed her hand over her mouth and turned on her tv to distract her thoughts. Hours went by, and George was nowhere to be seen. Around 10 that evening, her phone began to ring. It was George. She didn’t know whether or not she should answer. Then she remembered it was her husband. She picked up and said “George, are you okay”?
“Melany I can’t do this anymore. This marriage is not working. I think you need some professional help”, George said, clearly.
“What if I get help? Can we work on it together?” She pleaded.
“No. Mel, it isn’t working!”, George yelled.
Melany began crying. “George, I love you. I need you. You’re my balance,” she begged.
George was silent for quite some time. He thought about her words and all the years they’d invested together. “When I get home, we’ll talk about it,” he said, sighing and giving in. Melany smiled and hung up quickly, fearing that he might have heard her childish excitement.

That evening, they lay in the bed together, cuddling. They held hands and talked and fell asleep, George holding her tightly. Melany didn’t ask for anything. It was the first night they had ever both chosen to not sleep together. Melany didn’t want it. It wasn’t worth it. When they awoke in the morning, George kissed her forehead. Melany turned around to hug him. They embraced, and she remembered her college days, before she had gotten so obsessed with George and sex. He took her back. As they held each other, George said “now this is the moment I’ve been waiting for.” Melany didn’t respond. She wanted him, but she knew she had to resist the urge. The moment was too perfect to not want to have him inside of her, but if she tried anything, she knew she would lose everything. She closed her eyes and smiled, partially angry at George. As she fell into sleep once more, she secretly dreamed of a day when she could rape him while he slept, as he pleaded with her to let him go.

Carmen XueLi xoxo

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