Constipation by Carmen XueLi

I feel stuck
I’m in a rut
A cold, dark place
Trying to make moves
Pushing as hard as I can
Not getting anywhere
Not liking this place.

I know one day
I will have to move
Break free from this place
Break free from this pain…
… from this tight, constrained
Dark place that holds me
And I can’t get past
This point.

Everytime I move an inch
I snap back into place
Always winding up
In first gear, again.

Even though
I may seem to be in despair,
I have FAITH!
One of these fine days,
God will smile on me
And I’ll no longer be stuck
In this rut…
This pit of hell…
This cold dark place
That holds…

Carmen xoxo

Hey guys! So my life may be constipated right now, but I have faith that God is the fiber in my life that will cause a breakthru at the right time, according to His will! Smile and have a blessed day! Hallelujah ANYHOW!


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