This was the word of the day on dictionary.com, so hey, let’s see if I can use it in a sentence?

My feelings for Mr. Secret used to pullulate inside my heart, until he showed me his true colours. How’s that? I really don’t know how grammatically correct that is, but hey, I tried!

I can’t stop thinking about Mr. Secret and what the hell all of this was, but when I stop talking, I’m done, and at this point, I’m over it. He sent me a few more emails after the ones I told you all about, and his main thing was for me to tell him how I feel or send him responses of drafts I saved and did not want to send. I refused. Why? Maybe because no matter what I say, he will continue to behave the same way, and I’m not wasting my time on foolishness. If he wanted me, he would have stepped up and loved me the way I should have been loved, claimed me if necessary, and just stop with the immature bickering. I only start an argument for two reasons, and one of them is because I would really like to have sex. He clearly couldn’t handle me, so he wasn’t the one.

Oh well… cut your losses and keep it moving.

Carmen xoxo


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