Sike, Psych

Sick of it. Mad as hell. Angry Black Woman. Angry woman period, man! I’m so fed up, and I’m messed up, and I’m the one to blame for my own short comings. I know you guys want to see me happy and in love, but I doubt it’s happening this time. Mr. (Well you know who… shhhhhhhhh) is playing games and I’ve come to the conclusion that we won’t work if I’m the only one that wants it to.

Sometimes I think about what it would be like to be hugged by him again. I think about his touch (ugh) and how passionately he kisses me… why did he have to kiss me??!!

I think about things that have never happened, that should have, like pulling him back into bed in the morning, spooning, long make out sessions, trips out of the country, fights where he grabs me up and settles the argument with a kiss…

Nope… not reality. Not even close. His dismissive behavior is getting so much worse, and I’m beyond tired at this point. I must admit to you all that I’m not innocent. I wound up reading some old messages we sent back and forth, & I saw where I had said a lot of things to hurt him if he was serious about me. I just assumed that he was running game on me, but if he wasn’t, then I was a BIOTCH. What we lack now is communication. What we lack is understanding. I have NO clue how he feels, and from re-reading the messages, it would appear to me that he did have strong feelings but that after a while, he got tired of me shutting him down, so he gave up and moved on.



I guess it’s time to move on too…

Carmen xoxo

I’ll keep you guys posted on my seriously sad love life... LOL … or lack thereof…

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