Everyday, when God opens my eyes to see another day, I am reminded that life is beautiful, no matter what obstacles are set in our paths to destroy us. I try to keep a positive attitude that shows God, others, and even myself, that I can look at the glass as being half full all the time, even when things seem bleek.

Well today will still be that day, even if I am so miserable inside that I find myself fighting back the tears. It is always a good day. It’s what I make of the day and I will make today a great day, regardless of my circumstances. I will find happiness from the joy that dwells in the depths of my soul. Why? Well maybe because I HAVE LIFE! I have many things that I wish I could change instantly, but I’m a fighter. I cannot give up. I will not give up. I will always press forward!

Press forward, even when the very thought of going to work makes you nauseous and you anticipate the worst days at work because everyday at work is a horrible day (which is what happens to me). Press forward, even when people tarnish your name and defame your character. Press forward, even when there is no money in your wallet, your checking and savings are on E, and the bills are past due. Press on!

I can’t tell you when you will experience a breakthrough, but I know that it’s on the way. God never forsakes His children. He loves us, even though we are not worthy. He keeps us. He blesses us. The least we can do is continue to move forward and have faith that His grace is sufficient for us all. Just have faith…

… and press on…

Carmen xoxo

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