Omg Y Me???!!!

So I’m sitting in my therapist’s office right now and I am trying to avoid looking at this guy I had a major crush on back in my old college! What sucks is that I recognize him, and he looked at me with this “do I know you” look, but I turned away. Of course, he’s still amazingly hot. He has the sexiest Dominican accent ever, and the way he speaks, with the R’s rolling off his tongue always had me wondering how he worked it in the middle. Whaaaaaaaat? Ok ok… I’ll behave.

I dropped a lot of hints to him at the time when we had classes together but for some reason, I thought he was gay. I mean hey, I’m hot, so he must be gay right? Maybe he still is? I wouldn’t know. I was just trying to not make myself noticeable.

Sigh. He just left.

What the hell man! I have men stories for days! It’s so funny because I remember up until I was about 20, I had nothing to talk about! I had always thought there was something wrong with me. I thought that maybe it was because I was almost always plus size (because I was always a sickly child on medication) and because I wasn’t the hottest thing walking around town. I was a tomboy that didn’t care about outward appearance and unfortunately, nobody cared to show me. I pretty much had to learn on my own to become the beauty I am today… smile!

Well it’s true that an ugly duckling can become a beautiful swan, and I just can’t wait for the day that I arrive, because I’m not there yet. This is one of my primary reasons for not wanting to have a boyfriend yet. I think I would be doing myself and anyone else a great disservice if I got into a relationship now, knowing good and well that I’m a hot mess right now.

You know what? I should stop kissing people…

Carmen xoxo

On a side note: it’s hotter than a hooker’s va-jay-jay in NYC! Have mercy!


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