Confronting The Demons

So my session today went well. It was very interesting. She said I’m being way too soft with him and I need to be more confrontational, but not aggressive. I realized that I’m really scared of rejection in any form, and it costs me a lot. Family, friends, jobs, and potential mates have all been victims because of my fear of rejection. It’s not easy when you’re used to rejection, so you just anticipate it all the time.

She told me to call him or text him and set up a one on one with him. As soon a s my session was over, I did just that. He gave me the run around, but I remained assertive. I had never been that assertive before. I’m so used to being submissive with him and letting him control almost everything. I finally got him to commit to a time and day. I guess we’ll see. I’m not going into anything with any expectations. This is just going on way too long and at this point, I’m too sick and tired of the bs.

Carmen xoxo


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