Last Night… I Sent Drunken Monkey Emails…


… Last night I met up with a friend to patch up our friendship, or decide if she and I would just remain distant and cordial. We went to Le Caire Lounge, our old spot, and had dinner, drinks and hookah. It was my original plan to do something special for Mr. Secret, but because he and I are no longer speaking, I obviously wouldn’t say anything to him.

Well I haven’t gotten drunk in a while and I guess mojito’s and hookah are the right combination for that! Needless to say, I sent drunken monkey emails to Mr. Secret. I told him about how I felt and honestly, looking back on them, I know he must be convinced that I’m crazy. LOL… or more like SMDH! He told me to go sleep it off. I didnt even know why, what, how, when… so embarrassing!

I just sent an email, apologizing for my bad behavior. Don’t you hate it when you’ve sent those drunk texts/ emails/ phone calls, and then have to say sorry the next day?! Ugh! Well I don’t think I’ve done too much damage. I just hope he and I can eventually patch everything up. Hopefully sooner than later… I miss him…

Sigh… what’s a girl to do?

Carmen xoxo

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