My Head Doc

She’s retiring soon, and now I have to find a new shrink before the end of June…

I didn’t like her at first. I don’t think most people like their head docs. She made me feel really REALLY really soft. She would affirm me when I cried and she was so positive. What I hated the most on the first visit was how gentle she was with me. From studying Psychology, I always learned to be distant with your clients. People need someone that will remain distant and strong, and not soak up every tear with an “I know” or “you’ve been through a lot”. This is what I thought.

Well my therapist didn’t see me for another month, until recently, a family member died, and I melted, caving in like bread with too much yeast… rising, rising and then POOF. That was me. Was is the key word.

I’m learning to talk about my issues is a way that helps me to deal with them. She’s really good. It feels good to talk to someone that genuinely wants to hear what you have to say because they want to help you get back on track. I don’t have to lie to her about anything. She looks forward to me coming in and not missing a session, to ensure that I get better and move forward in a positive direction.

I strongly recommend seeing a therapist if you have a lot of issues that you can’t resolve within yourself and you need someone to talk to that will never judge you, but always to help steer you onto a path to good mental health.

Carmen xoxo

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