Power And Pain

I’m listening to U2’s Pride, and and I am trying not to have the biggest smile on my face. The sun is shining, I have my aviator’s on, so I feel like Maverick (Tom Cruise) in Top Gun… or so I believe the movie was called, but I’m too lazy to double check it on IMDB.com. I feel so good! Maybe it has to do with me jamming out on my guitar til some time after midnight this morning. I wrote some new songs and played some old ones. I feel like singing the lazy song, but I’m off to slave at work, as I’m sure most of you are already doing, or headed off to assassinate. Mother’s and stay at home Father’s, I tip my hat off to you all. I am standing on this train platform (the story of my life… always standing on a platform headed somewhere, anywhere), being scorched by the spring sun. I’m not complaining. We had a brutal winter, and I’m a tropical fish. I enjoy the heat, the sweat, the cool water and sandals. Hell, if I were President, i’d impliment naked day and tell everyone they could streak. All those who are prudent should remain inside and away from their windows. I would pull up a beach chair on my porch, bring out the ice cold lemonade and let my imagination roam free! Wooohooo! Naked Day!

I digress. So I’m trying hard not to be distracted by my soft peach blouse blowing in the cool breeze. Ok wait a sec…. I’m getting on the train now…

Ok… I’m on and I’ve got a great seat! This is going to be a great day!

I’m on my Bono tip… listening to I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. I feel so good inside. Can you guys feel it? My energy? This amazing qi? Oh yeah! It’s blazing out of me.

I refuse to sit and sink deeper into negative thoughts… not when I look so good, feel so light (which is a stretch for me) and the world is smiling back at me! You’ve got to be crazy if you think I’m worried about shoulda, coulda and woulda?! I’m not.

Empower yourself today. Take back all the power you’ve given to anyone that’s hurt you. Whather you’ve been cheated on, abuse (verbally or physically), mistreated on the job, at home, school, church, had to cut some bad investments… hey LOOK! Whatever the case may be… SNAP THE HELL OUT OF IT! Take accountability for whatever you’ve done that’s wrong, and own up to life. Step up to the plate and live! We need you! The universe depends on the very breath you breathe to balance itself out.

Never give up! This is not the end of you! We don’t know what tomorrow holds! Draw that power back in and step up and live! Be the best you that you can be. Can you do that for me? Let’s draw our strength from God (the highest power and creator and sustainer of life) and make a positive difference in this world. Maybe it’s just a smile. Maybe it’s just a touch. Maybe it’s just an email, or a hug, or to mend a fence between you and someone else that has been broken for far too long. Maybe you may just need to forgive them and move on. No need to dwell. Move forward and trust God.

On Wednesday, as I walked home from the beach, there was a very old woman sitting on her porch. She looked caucasian. She may not have been. Who knows anymore? Anyway. I smiled at her. A big wide smile showing all my teeth. You know what she did? She struggled to lift her frail left arm… and waved back at me. Do you know how good I felt when she smiled back, no teeth and all. I needed her to show up and remind me that life is for the living. Even after everything she may have been through, she can still smile. That’s power! I hope I live that long. I want to live! I want to show up everyday. Moments like those center me, and remind me that we all need each other… to step up, show up and just live.

No matter what pain you may feel right now, or how tired you are, I’m gonna need you to show up and live. Tomorrow isn’t promised, but the possibilities are endless! Let’s step into the unknown together.

Carmen xoxo

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