The Most Terrible Feeling Ever

Unrequited love-
Feelings that are not
Within two hearts.
One lonely beat
Pounding alone
To continue to exist
Where no life is shown.

Just give me the keys
To drive off the precipice;
To lock the door.
To continue to exist
Beyond this point
That I’ve created is
To run away from you
Broken hearted.

Are you scared to love
Because it’s been so long?
I bet the shadows of your past
Still linger on,
And when you give it thought
Does it try
To continue to exist
Against your will? While you deny…

My love is like
The cup that overflows…
The one that runneth over…
That is my love.
Can you even fathom
How satisfied you might be?!…
Satisfied with me
Oh insatiable one?

Well I’ve given up!
Please don’t worry.
It’s not a bluff
And I’m no longer sorry.
It is the truth
That I love you
But unrequited love
Will never do…
When I’m the only one loving you…

I’m strong.
I’ll move on.
It isn’t impossible…
But til then,
This is the most terrible feeling ever.

Carmen xoxo


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