In A Moment

You feel good
Right here
Right there
Don’t move
Don’t breathe
Don’t stop
The moment will disappear
The mood will change

Just let me feel your heart beat
Just let me look in your eyes
Just let me enjoy this moment
Just let me believe this is more than what it is…
That life, and love, and silence is more than what it is…

Don’t shift
One of us may shift out of the universe
Out of this world
We may move one milimeter
And find ourselves separated
And years between us
And only a bold memory to bind us
Don’t stop
Don’t move
Please hold me tighter
Body pressed into skin
Souls branded into one another
Grip me so I know
This moment exists
And we are in it…

Don’t speak
Not one word
Don’t allow sound waves
To create a new pattern
That breaks the silence
Decibel rising
And the thumping
Of our hearts

Just let me lay here
Listening to your bodies time
As each beat
Sings its own note
The sweetest song
I ever heard…

I love you

Carmen xoxo


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