When Kitty Cries

Kitty cried
For this guy.
Kitty got eaten
And said good-bye.

Why did I kiss back
When I knew he didn’t love me?
He stole that passion
From the depths of hypocrisy.
Emotionally challenged
And slowly killing me.
Twisting the knife
As he stabbed incessently
Tightening his grip
As he rammed words into me
Didn’t he know
That I was just too fragile?
Not enough time in the game
To be more agile.
Quick on my feet
And off to a new guy?
I can’t get that high
I don’t give everyone a try
Did you feel anything
When kitty said good-bye?
Plenty of kitty cats that
Want you back
Disposable kitty cats that
Never talk back
Don’t stress you out
Just fullfill their job
In and out…
Well not me
because whether you’d like to believe
It or not…
I am priceless…
You can’t fathom my worth.
God created the vessel
From the rib or the earth.
And I’ll never let
The likes of you
Determine what this kitty
Can or can’t do.

You lose.

Well my kitty isn’t like
all the rest.
It’s a fact that you
Never can atest.
You lost your chance
And now
You’ll never know
The way she roars
Purrs softly
When you pet her
You’ll miss the times
When we’d wet her
Subdue her
And subject her
But you never could
Correct her.

I know that you still sweat her…

She’s better
She had the power
To bring you to your knees.
She’s sweeter
Can you compare
Seen to unseen?
What you’ve experienced
From what you never did feel?
This Kitty cat
is the real deal…
She’s wetter
You don’t even know
All her capabilities!
She could have been
Your wildest dreams…
Kitty would have fullfilled your every fantasy.
Kitty would have given you ecstasy.
Kitty would have drowned one more time
In all the berries you could reverie
Can you still taste the sweetness
From the first time kitty surprised every one of your ungrateful little taste buds?

Ain’t a kitty in this world like mine boy
Not a kitty in this world that can purr like mine
Soft and sweet and
Good to eat
Wet, drenched
In kitty’s best scent.
It’s mine all mine
Search the world
You’ll never EVER find
A kitty in this world like mine

I win.

Carmen xoxo

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