The Real World

I wish I could take you far away
And do all the things I imagine
I could do
To you
All the things I’ve already done
To you
In dreams
In reverie
In wishing
And hoping
All the naughty little desires
Of my filthy grande mind
Of my craving beating heart
Of my wet yearning lips
Every lip

Reality of it is
This is what it is
With you
And me
You hold every word in
You don’t want to love
My sweet little secret

I wasn’t supposed to be
It was just a quick thing
In and out
You were just trying to help

How did I wind up helping you?
I wasn’t supposed to break you down
You never said you liked me

You only pretended to care, right?
How does someone stop caring?
Was I nothing to you?
My mark was apparently erased…

I wish I could pull you out of your hole
Maybe go to the Poconos
Just for a weekend
Just the two of us
And as we’d enter the door
I’d pull out just a few of my tricks
And that would only be the beginning…

And I’d give you a taste
And I would straddle your back
Pull out my oils
Massage your back as I rest my front
On your back
And brace
And rub all the stress away…

And I would
And you know I would
And you know I could
And you’re scared
Because I wasn’t supposed to be…
I wasn’t supposed to make a mark on you
Of all people NOT you
You were just supposed to help


Carmen xoxo


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