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Sunglasses can be tricky. Every year, we all rush out to find the right shades that give you the right look you’re trying to go for. Some of us fail miserably. The biggest thing I can say, (and I’ll shout it from the mountain-tops people) TRY THE DAMN FRAMES ON BEFORE YOU BUY THEM! The other issue I have is that we may get this innate feeling that the frames are not a wise choice, but we will ourselves to the power of it’s “hottness”, not realizing that it may be hott, but not for us. There are a lot of things you may need to take into consideration, like the shape of your face and the colour accessories you may usually wear. You never want to cover your eyebrows totally. That means the shades are way too big for your face. It’s try guys… you know?… that not every frame was made for our face! Please ASK SOMEBODY! Don’t leave with the frames until you’ve asked at least ONE person if they like it on you. Ask a stranger or an older person. Older people usually have no apprehensions with being honest because they’ve lived out a few more years of cutting through bullshit. Trust me, find granny and you’ll be glad you did.

Once you’ve found the perfect shades, you can continue to get similar shades in that same style. I know that aviators are my thang chile! They look great on me, and though the shape at times may be a bit more rounded, I know that that style fits me, so I stick with it. You do not want to walk around looking like someone that tried and failed… like an epic failure. That is tragic LOL. Love y’all, remain blessed, and good luck!

Carmen xoxo

Ps I put in a few examples. Hope you get some great ideas!

Forever21 has a great variety of frames, and they are more than affordable.

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