Food & Fun Review: Pio Pio







Located in the heart of Times Square, between 43rd and 44th and 10th, Pio Pio is all the rave. This Spanish restaurant has a great feel to it. The ambiance is romantic upstairs, but once you walk through the hallway and down the stairs, the huge lower level dining area changes the atmosphere from romantic to electrifying.

The service in Pio Pio is excellent. The food is amazing. I had two orders of chicken empanadas and an order of tostones. They were delicious. The empanadas were so good, that before I finished the first order, I ordered a second. Only two empanadas come in one order, but it is worth it. The spicy salsa that comes with it is amazing. I enjoyed my mojito, which was not to strong and not sweet at all. It was quite refreshing and went down smooth, complimenting all the spice and flavor I had been taking in.

It was slightly difficult for me not to woof the food down. I think, because I chose to stay upstairs and enjoy the mix of beautiful Spanish music, and the candle lit lighting, the aura helped fascilitate my comfort. The menu was in Spanish, but thankfully, the descriptions were in English so there was no real issue there, and I was able to have a very decent conversation with the waiter, who was more than enthusiastic to answer all my questions.

With the ability to have two different atmospheres in one facility and amazing food, great service and great music, Pio Pio gets two thumbs up from Carmen.

Carmen xoxo

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