Fashionista: Rings With An Edge


I think it’s important for us, as women, to have one signature piece that we may want to wear everyday, that goes with whatever we own or wear. A ring is a great way to make that kind of statement. I think signature rings can add a beautiful element to someone, especially if they are not wearing engagement or wedding rings.

The right ring can do it for anyone. There are simple rings and bold rings that make a great statement, but always beware of the rings you choose. Not all rings that look pretty, are pretty om the hands. It is best to try them on and see exactly how they look on you. If you have small hands and short fingers, you may want to stay clear of big, bulky or bold rings that will appear to take over your hands and make them look even smaller than they are. If you have long fingers, or larger hands, you may be able to wear just about any kind of ring, but try to find rings that compliment your skin tone.

A ring can make or break an outfit, so think wisely before you shop online for a ring and try to work out the dimensions with a ruler to see the actual size of the ring on your finger.

If all else fails, just remember: when in doubt, take the simple route.

Carmen xoxo

The ring above is by Tinsley Road and can be found on


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