I Don’t Give A -BLEEP-

Vent vent.
Vent again, I say.
Just release.
Sweet release.
Let it out.
Is it all out?
There there,
I know.
Just breathe.
Let it go.
Let go and let God.
Now pray.
Close your eyes.
Don’t cry.
Show them you’re strong.
Never let ’em see you cry.
Never show your weak side.
Here’s a tissue.
Oh stop!
It’s not that serious!
That’s life!
It is what it is!
Just relax.
It’s not the end of the world.
God has the whole world in His hands.
Don’t be discouraged.
Joy comes in the morning.
Weeping will endure tonight.
Weeping may endure all your life
But joy will come when you’re dead.

Carmen xoxo


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