Busted, Disgusted And Can’t Be Trusted

So… really? Osama Bin Laden is dead? I won’t even go into what I really think, because you all know I promised I wouldn’t get political on this blog. Religious, provacative, and real, yes, but political…. eh… I’m trying my best to stay clear. I would just like to see proof. I mean, how are we so sure that he’s really dead? How are we so sure that he was really buried at sea? He could be at some naval base being tortured right now.

… and why are we so quick to rejoice over the death of a human being, regardless of the horrible, despicable acts he’s done, and the thousands of lives he’s taken, and the millions of lives he’s ruined? I think he’s disgusting. I was affected tremendously, especially when my family believed that one of our family friends had also been killed in the calamity. The only thing about his death is that it can’t bring back the loved ones that have been lost. It’s tragic. It’s heart wrenching. It just doesn’t solve anything. We can dance in the street over his death, but there are a hundred more Bin Laden’s in the making, plotting terrible acts, and the way we are acting may only help to fuel their fire and ignite the flame.

We need peace. We need to learn to love and accept one another. We need to end this painful, senseless war and focus on healing.

Carmen xoxo


One thought on “Busted, Disgusted And Can’t Be Trusted

  1. I said the same thing regarding the evidence of his death…the corpse. In retrospect, it’s not something that I really want to witness. As far as fellow Americans rejoicing in the streets of NYC…it doesn’t bring much resolve to their pain, nor does it bring loved ones back from the dead. I’m a thoughtful, methodical person. All I can think about is the aftermath…

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