Mr. Intimacy Is Outta Here!

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What a waste of time. After a week, I got so tired of this guys foolishness. He asked me to come outside and see him. I did, even though it was late. Do you know that this fool tried to force a kiss on me? Not once but several times. He eventually got fed up and when he started with the whole “this isn’t going to work if you’re not interested in me and I’m liking you”, I stood my ground. I guess he wasn’t expecting me to be such a tough cookie, but I’m really allergic to bullshit and I had to just let him go. I told him to have a good night and I walked away.

He called me to tell me not to feel bad, but this asshole didn’t even see it coming when I said “I don’t feel bad. You made your choice and that was your decision.” That’s when he tried to get back to me and said “I mean, you’re mad cool and I really wanted to get to know you, but you didn’t seem interested”. All I could say was “take care” and I hung up.

When you know your worth, you start to accept less and less bullshit that people give you. I’m starting to realize that so far, only one guy has been able to give me shit that I can handle, because I love him. All the others don’t seem nearly as worth it. It hadn’t even been a week and this guy couldn’t get the hint that I wasn’t trying to make out with him in front of my house. Wtf? What kind of woman was he expecting me to be? I’ve only ever kissed FOUR men in my life and I was only inlove with one and that was my ex. I only kiss guys I really really like or I can see a relationship coming from it.

If you too are allergic to bullshit, feel free to comment on any bullshit you’ve encountered lately. I’m all ears.

Carmen xoxo

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One thought on “Mr. Intimacy Is Outta Here!

  1. Girl, I’m allergic to bullshit; ignorance, stupidity, hatred, trolls…I don’t know how I’ll make it through this allergy season.

    Help Me Lord,

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