Once Again

I have a new guy. I met him on Monday at the DMV. He started talking to me and I was ignoring him. Of course, he talked to me so much, that I told him to give me his number. I knew he was into me, and he was cute so I didn’t mind being bold. Once again, my boldness has gotten me into trouble.

Let’s call him Mr. Intimacy if he lasts past Sunday night. There’s a good reason for this name.

We spoke earlier today for the first time. I kept forgetting to call him all week. When I did, the first thing he said was, “oh I thought you weren’t going to call me”. I reassured him that I was busy all week. I was, and besides, I’m not into him like that. I promised to call him later in the night. He’s a cute Asian Jamaican. He’s tall and he has a thick Jamaican accent. I’m glad I can understand him, seeing as he’s only been here for four years.

This evening, when I called back, he started asking me very up front questions. I immediately felt turned off. His first question was basically teetering around whether I was celibate or not. I told him I was and that I wasn’t planning on having sex. He kept saying “intimacy” and “are you going to be intimate with me”? He said he didn’t want to waste his time. What a douche.

When I ended our conversation shortly after the explanation he gave me about why he had to ask if I would “give it up”, I felt so relieved. He is supposed to take me out on Sunday, but he may not even last til Sunday. He was just too much and I don’t want to waste my time, but he does seem like a good friend to keep. Who doesn’t need a mechanic friend that finds you very attractive.

I keep reflecting on my ex. Though he was far from perfect, he knew better than to piss me off with those kinds of questions. He knew how ro get certain things without ever asking. I have yet to meet anyone quite like him. This guy made me miss my ex, and that makes me not like him even more.

I should go to bed now, shouldn’t I?

Well good night ladies and gents…

Carmen xoxo

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