Spring is really here, and with it, comes bermuda shorts, tanks and flip flops, but I’d like to make a request. Can we retire the flipperty floppers some and take a walk down to the cool alley, where we find none other than the hottest slip-ons sensations this spring.

I am really loving the lightness in weight of these flat espadrille slip- on shoes. Better still, the affordability makes it even great. They seem really great for walking in Manhattan on a Sunday, or on the boardwalk.

A lot of other companies make these stylish, comfortable shoes, like Franco Sarto, My Mu and Maloles, but my favourite slip on brand is Saludos. You can find them on my fave is the above picture in the colour light, which is like a chambray material, denim kinda look. For 26 bucks, Saludos has the other companies beat, with style and quality.

This was another Fashionista report, brought to you by none other than moi! Ciao!

Carmen xoxo

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One thought on “Fashionista:

  1. …Adore them! I thought they were Toms upon first glance. Saludos, eh. Definitely on my radar.

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