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I normally start writing my title, and that title sculpts the way I feel, and what I choose to talk about. Today is a bit different.

I had a staff meeting with my boss today. I am currently working for a company that is falling victim of the recession/ depression. My boss is the father of a Hollywood celebrity that is pretty well known. I don’t tell people, because they usually change when they find out. Most people assume that I make a ton of money. Far from true.

Well we’re going out of business. I have to really look into finding a new job. I had always been looking, but now, I guess it’s do or die. The economy has really hit every American hard. People worldwide have been affected by our country’s depression. For some reason, I’m not depressed as I know I could be. Maybe it hasn’t set in yet, but on the other hand, I guess I’m very secure in my God. He’s been providing for me all these years. I don’t doubt that things will be fine.

You haven’t heard about Mr. Secret because that whirlwind experience has come to a daunting end. Our friendship seems that it may never recover, and I know without a doubt, never to mess around with your friend. Never. Never ever… don’t do it….. leave it alone… trust me. I wish I could have thought about things more. He’s a special person to me, but I don’t see where I am a special person to him. He is dismissive with women, and now I’ve just become another woman that’s allowed him to conquer her to some degree. There is nothing I can do to erase the things I’ve done. I will not regret anything I’ve done with him, but I have learned a very valuable lesson.

I met a guy on Monday at the DMV. I, of course, was very bold, as I am always, and I took his number. He, being a man, liked that about me. I have yet to call. I just think I want a rest from men in general. I need a break.

Carmen xoxo

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