Living Up To You

I hope you guys like the new change of scene here on the blog. I fixed up my banner and fell victim to this leopard epidemic. Hey, everyone is catching the ethnic and animal print fever, so why not me? I normally like to go against the grain anyway. This time I’m going against my grain by temporarily assimilating! Ha!

Well all has been a mess lately for me, but still, like an eagle, I rise to the occassion. God has really been blessing me, and I’m counting my blessings rather than what I lack. I am really trying to get all A’s in some english courses I’m taking at my college. They are really tough, and I’m reading and writing A LOT, but it’s making me a better person. I really do think teaching is for me, and I know I would be great at working with young people. I taught at a preshool for some time, and I also tutored kids of all ages and it was the greatest time of my life. Children bring me great joy.

I feel for today’s youth. It isn’t easy living up to a society of over achievers with get rich quick schemes. They say (stats show) that my generation will be the first that won’t pass the one before it. You know what? I think we need a break. I think we are the weak link in the chain that needs a bit more molding. How can anyone blame us? Clearly, we were not prepared by the generation before us. They were to busy to tend to our needs. I’m not saying I don’t think my generation shouldn’t take any responsibility for our actions, but honestly, who’s fault is it, if we are learning less, drinking more, involving ourselves in wreckless behavior, and unemployed? Yeah. Ok.

My solution? Well for one, we need some jobs! I’ve been miserable at my job for almost four years now. Work and school full time is no joke. I’m determined not to become a negative statistic. I surround myself with people like myself also… motivated young people that push themselves each day. I also have friends that are on the opposite spectrum. One thing I’ve learned is this: if the government continues to hand out checks, some people will never stop accepting them.

Everyone is not the same though. There are people collecting unemployment that really want the security of a job. I would love to be somewhere else, but I have no choice but to hold on to what I have. There are miserable people all over the country in a similar position. My generation won’t even have social security checks coming in when it’s time to retire, if we even get the privelage. I guess at this point, retirement is a luxury. Ha!

I just wish our government would do something about this now, but I guess it’s too much to ask.

Let me not get political on my blog.

Carmen xoxo

At least I know who holds my future… thank You Lord!

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