Flashing Back

First of all, (and I know this is a huge side note/ tangent, but I’m good at segways) there is a grown ass man sitting next to me on the train right now, and he is playing some Bakugan (however you spell it) and Pokemon game with his headphones in his ears, singing rock music loudly. I just want to shake him and say “HEY DAMMIT!! GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!” Unfortunately, he’s wearing all black with a hoody on, and I wouldn’t recommend myself to indulge in these acts. He’s scary! I don’t like not knowing what to expect…

I didn’t expect Mr. Secret to suck on my toes when I behaved badly last week. Trust me, had I known, I would have filed down my feet, given myself a pedicure or something, and just soaked my rough paws. I mean, don’t get me wrong, because I had filed them neatly a few days before and I put a little polish on, but that evening, my polish was MORE THAN chipping and I had a rough callous from walking in the city  days before. I would have appreciated some kind of warning. Ha! I mean, hey, he didn’t mind, but I would have felt so much sexier with a red polish on like Essie® “Clambake“, high glossed with a good top coat. Mr. Secret gave me no warning!

I must admit, I’m not into that freaky foot fetish thing, but it was nice. Mr. Secret was very gentle and smoothe. Just the flaskback is making me a bit warm. He surprisingly got one big toe and sucked it like it was a nipple, or the source of life. Then he took my other big toe and did the same, and then, for the grand finale, he sucked them simultaneously. I was in a new realm, dancing happily on cloud nine, but I would never admit that to him.

When Mr. Secret asked me the following day if I enjoyed the toe sucking, I gave a simple “yes” and then changed the subject quickly. Little would he know that I almost had an orgasm and I wanted to convulse into a puddle of cream.

I hope that I can let go of Mr. Secret easily. He has opened me to knew things and I already see myself getting jealous. I need to stop that. Either take it for what it is, or leave it alone. I’m giving myself one more time to feel good and have fun with him before I pull the plug.

I gave myself a mani-pedi last night, which is normally my Sunday tradition. I want to keep the lights on so he can see my baby pink polish. Ha! Don’t worry guys! I’m not going to fall the way I fell for Mr. Yesterday. I’ll be fine… I hope!

Carmen xoxo

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