Here’s What Kills Me…

So I’m looking through my statistics today, as I do every so often, to keep track of you guys and see how many come on to read the blog and how many enjoy reading what blog and I found out that the blogs with the most hits next to my home page are the ones related to actual celebrities like Nicki Minaj, and Raheem DeVaughn. These blogs were my personal encounters with the artists that seem to get the most attention. The next highest, hottest topic is sex and the blogs related to them. Of course, as always, religion and posts where I mention God and my faith or Christianity also gets high ranking. Then the excerpts and stories seem to do pretty well and along with them, on a similar level, are the Fashionista blog entries, the artwork by the artist S. Grant and all the poetic writings about life, my daily rants and my issues.

With all this being said, I just want to give a special shout out to my readers and those whom subscribe to Carmen XueLi. I love the responses, the emails, the comments and all the support. I would continue to write, even if I knew nobody cared to read my opinions, but it makes a huge difference knowing that I have an audience that cares. I love you all and you make me a better person each day.

Live, love and keep the peace…

Carmen xoxo

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