Keep Dreaming

Doesn’t it just grind your gears when someone thinks the world of themselves? A good friend of mine told me the other day that sometimes, when you see someone pouring the gasoline on themselves, you’ve got to just let them light the match and stand back and let them blaze. I told her that I’m not good at watching people suffer and she said that I just need to step back and watch them from afar when the fireworks pop off. Ha! I listened, bewildered. I have never not tried to fix something and make it better, but at this point, I’m all alone and my thoughts are tired and I’ve had enough of being Ms. Fix-It.

I’m going through a situation like that right now that really doesn’t warrant me to voice it, because at this point I feel it’s insignificant. The “friend” has now become insignificant and the situation has become so foolish. My only thing is this. Is this the devil?

When things go south, is it always you that creates the barriers and the opposition? The strange thing is, when things start going south, they usually plummet hard into jolting rocks. The web grows into a cacoon, budding a situation inside that burst out into an overgrown thing. A big, fat, fully developed thing that has destroyed friendships and lovers and relationships to tear it’s way out and surface. Is this the devil?

Carmen xoxo

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