Opened Legs

Once you have sex, it’s virtually impossible to stop. Sex is just one of those door ways, that once opened, is very difficult to close. Why? Well, because despite what they tell you in church, or school, sex, if done properly and with the right person, can be the ultimate, greatest experience ever. we spend our lives looking for things and creating things that create the same rush that sex would. We spend money on theme parks, thrill seeking adventures, invest in litersture, or products that will satisfy our animalistic urges to just get our rocks off. We open ourselves, and subject ourselves at times to get std’s, or become parents before oir time becauae of sex; because we’re open.

If you go to a doctor and they ask you a few questions about being sexually active, they don’t care if you’re celibate. Once you have sex, that’s it. You’re open.

When we really think about it, God was right when He spoke about premarital sex and infidelity. He is only trying to protect us from pain, shame, and a life of addiction. Sexual addictions are the hardest to get over. It starts off with one woman, or man, and next thing you know, you’re masturbating on your lunch break in the bathroom. You’re open.

Sex addiction is no different from substance abuse, and drug addiction. Everyone is tempted and the more you care not to resist, the more addicted you become. Once you start justifying your addiction, and you no longer feel guilty, you know there is a problem.

We will all be tempted, but it’s how you resist. It isn’t easy, but it’s possible to close the door on any addiction and free yourself. You just have to want it bad enough, the way we need air to breathe.

Carmen xoxo

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