Signs of The Times


Chaichan Chaimun  /  EPA A Thai Buddhist monk looks on a collapsed 800-year-old pagoda damage caused by the Myanmar 6.8-magnitude earthquake at Wat Chedi Luang temple, Chiang Saen district, Chiang Rai province near the Thai-Myanmar border in northern Thailand on Friday news services YANGON, Myanmar —

This excerpt and picture is from news services and the photograph is by Chaichan Chaimun.

The time I foolishly spend complaining and worrying about things I cannot change is gone. All I have is the gift of the present moment. Right now, my heart goes out to the people of Thailand and the families around the globe that have been affected by the sudden catastrophes we have been seeing over the past few weeks.

Life is so short. You know, I found that the more I would dwell on Mr. Yesterday, the more important the situation became to me. I had to really pull myself together and pray and ask God to help me, and He did. As always, God brought me unspeakable peace. I am at peace with the situation and I am no longer worried. Whatever is meant for me is meant for me. No one in this world will be able to change that. Any door that God closes cannot be opened, and any window that He opens cannot be closed.

Faith is key. They say that if you pray, don’t worry, but if you worry, don’t pray. I say pray anyway. Prayer is amazing. I don’t speak to God enough. I’m unsure of why I am this way. I remember a time when all I would do is pray or talk to Him. Now it’s like pulling teeth. I certainly know this is why He has made all these things to happen. For some of us, we would forget Him if everything was going right. Ha! Sad but true.

Today especially, but from this day forward, I am going to make a pact with you all. I will try my best not to complain, but rather, focus on others and figure out ways in which I can help.

God is coming. We can see it in all the signs of the times, revealed to us by the Holy Bible. I know I’m not perfect. None of us are perfect. Let’s all (including myself) wake up before it’s too late!

God have mercy on us all!

Carmen xoxo


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