Fashionista: Magnetic Studs



Above are pictures of magnetic Cubic Zirconia “studs” and “gold” hoops that I made into clip ons. I wear these styles often, and they are comfortable and great everyday looks. Simple solutions for those who have non pierced ears!

Costume jewelry has become all the rage over the past few years. I’ve actually stopped purchasing expensive gold and silver jewelry, and picked up on the new sensation that’s all the rage.

I don’t have any piercings right now. My ears have never been pierced, which made life a bit difficult when I started getting into wearing costume jewelry everyday. I couldn’t find any clip ons, and when I did, they were almost always too kiddish, or too great granny looking, not that you great grannies don’t look awesome with whatever clip ons you wear!! You guys are hot!

I digress. So it became my sole focus for the month of January to find a way to make my own jewelry. I started doing the research, and in no time, I let my creative side get to work. I’ve made so many now that I can actually decipher between what turquoise top I want to wear with what aqua earrings and all that.

I still occassionally buck up on some great clip ons by Carolee® or Liz Claiborne® but my best bet is to stop into little boutiques or costume jewelry shops in the city. Manhattan always has unique things available, just waiting to be discovered. A lot of times, I run into Forever21® which has become, in my opinion, the best retail store that has great looking, affordable costume jewelry. I get the earrings that are not posts (post earrings are studs and cannot be turned into clips unless the back is broken off, and saudered) and I get to work.

Costume jewelry adds definiton to an outfit. Sometimes, less is more, but then again, it all depends on your personal style. I have a knack for finding pieced that look like thay cost a lot, or are replicas of big brands like Marc Jacobs® or Betsey Johnson®. I also have a tendency to team up big named pieces like Coach® or Satya® and mix it up with a chucky 4 dollar ring from H&M®.

Try costume jewelry out! You’ll like it… I guarentee it! Ha!

Carmen xoxo


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