Excerpt From Bruce Wayne’s Memoir

It’s Friday again! Here’s another excerpt from Bruce Wayne’s very popular memoir!

“Forbidden Fantasy”
Bruve Wayne

Every many has a forbidden fantasy.  A woman that fulfills all his desires from physical attributes to sexual prowess and everything in between.  That’s how I describe Jazz.  She was every man’s fantasy and every wife/girlfriend/wifey’s nightmare.  Wonderful personality and a body that many women wished they possessed.  I met Jazz while she was working at a club called Seduction.  I saw her previously at another club but never got the chance to get a dance from her.  The first night that I saw her I knew that I wanted to see her again but I was with friends and they were attracting a crowd (money tends to do that in a strip club).  I got a dance but it was a brief introduction.  I decided to go see her again, by myself.
I went to the club one Saturday night after I finished a gig.  I sat in a booth by myself and passed on a few dancers because I was there to see only one person.  Then she walked over.  She had finished her set and went backstage to change.  She asked me if she could sit down and I offered to buy her a drink.  We had a nice conversation and then she asked me for a dance.  I obliged and she proceeded to give me a lap dance like only she could.  Now this was a few years back so the rules in the club were a little more laxed than they are now.  For the few songs, it felt like it was only us in the club.  The dance was intense.  How intense you ask?  Let’s just say if not for other people in the club, we would have went at it right there.  It wasn’t until I met up with my boys that I realized that there was a creamy residue on my pants leg and it wasn’t mine!  She left her mark alright!
Jazz and I would deal exclusively at the club.  I would come see no one but her and if she wasn’t there, I would leave.  Our relationship was more than dancing.  I believe the dancing happened because she would have to seem like it was work between us when actually it was becoming much more.  We became friends; the thing is as intense as our dance sessions were and trust they were we were never intimate.  The first time we became intimate was on my birthday.  That day I had went shopping with my then girlfriend (another chapter) and then went home to get dressed to meet Jazz. 
My relationship was funny; I didn’t trust my ex and still to this day can’t figure out why I pursued a relationship with her.  Jazz knew about her and I knew about her situation.  Jazz had a live-in boyfriend.  The situation between them was as rocky as the situation between me and my ex, and I believe that was one of the things that brought us together along with the chemistry we had.  Jazz wasn’t the woman to cheat; she remained faithful even in her line of work.  I learned from her that not just because you strip doesn’t mean that you’re a hoe. 
   A real woman will never step out on a man unless he does so first.  She also will never cheat with someone that she is not attracted to.  A woman’s attraction, in my opinion, is more than a physical thing, but also a mental one (a real woman that is).  Stimulate her mind and soul, and you would have stimulated her body.  Our first encounter (which would later be the catalyst for my imminent breakup) was very intense, as was many of our encounters.  Although our time was limited, every time Jazz and I got together it was raw sexual energy and unbridled passion.  She got the wifey treatment.  I would lick her from head to toe, take my time to taste her, make love to her, treat our time like it was our last session, and she returned the passion.  After we were done, we would shower together.  She wasn’t sleeping with her boyfriend and I wasn’t sleeping with my ex.  
Jazz and I would go by our real names and she would only be Jazz at the club, and although we never went out on a real date until recently, I would go by her place and we would talk about any and everything.  We never really hid anything from each other but because of where we met, I believe that prevented us from really pursing a relationship with each other and that was the one drawback with us.  Like T-Pain song, I fell in love with a stripper, who turned out to be so much more.  Truth is I believe a part of her fell in love with me too.

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