Mr. New Guy is Mr. Yesterday

So Mr. New Guy is done for. He hasn’t called or responded to my texts since Monday, and I’ve let go of the whole thing. I know you guys were hoping to hear that this was it and that I finally found love, but the reality of it all is, Mr. New Guy has gotten cold feet and believes we are “moving too fast” and that it’s just “too early” for all of this.

I wish I could turn back the hands of time and not have skipped some classes on Monday to spend with him at his place watching American Idol, making out, and going to second base, but hey, I can’t. Do I regret anything? Nope. I still feel that he is so caught up in religion that he has totally missed the bigger picture, which is that he could have had something great if only he would have allowed it to run its natural course.

People put a time frame on things. They put a time frame on love. They believe certain things should happen at a certain time, and when it takes too long, they become miserable (sometimes I am this way), and when it goes too fast, they get scared (which is what happened to Mr. New Guy). They question why they feel the way they do so soon.

He isn’t the one if I have to counsel him with texts that rarely get responded to or calls that go unanswered. Mr. New Guy is now Mr. Yesterday. Time to re-focus on something new. I’ll give him some time. We  all deserve a window of time. This is his window. I’ll keep you all posted.

Maybe one day real love will float my way? Til then, adieu.

Carmen xoxo

Ps- my ex got a Facebook. Don’t ask. I still have no clue what evil forces possessed me to click on some name that I had no clue would be his fb, and why I saw his picture and a very blank fb. Do I miss him? Not even. How did it make me feel? Weird. Why? I have no clue.

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