Fashionista: Combat Boots


I’m loving combat/military boots. Its a style that has really gone mad in NYC this year, like Uggs, but better, because they can be worn with just about anything! For some reason, though, even though I obsessed about purchasing this specific pair from Steve Madden, called Troopa, I never did get it. It’s not that I never wanted them! I just live on college student budget that doesn’t really allow me to have such luxuries.

I’ve learned to decrease my list of wants, (like the way I WANT a nice tailored black blazer that accentuates my tatas and not my tummy but might run me in over 100 bucks for a good one) but I will eventually invest in some combat boots in the future. My focus is primarily on getting my finances down and in order before they become a pain in the ass.

Nevertheless, I have featured these boots because they’re hot and they may always be hot. Team them up with a cute mid thigh tunic, knee length prairie dress, legging, jeans, or jeggings, and a cute woven top, or anything leopard for a funky look. These boots give you the boss lady look without being too overbearing. This is Carmen and I love it! For the first Fashionista entry, Stever Madden Troopa takes the cake!

Carmen xoxo

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