Begging For A Taste

I didn’t ask you to do it,
Nor did I put a gun to your head.
I didn’t ask you for anything,
As you led me to the bed.
I didn’t beg you for a grasp
To see it in all its glory,
Nor did I tie you to the frame
And take it from you.
I didn’t plead with you or force you
Manipulate you as I could have
And use my conniving art of persuasion
And seduction to have my way,

And I sure as hell wasn’t the one that
Was begging for a taste of your skin
Your sweetness
That dripped
That oozed like cream
Out of your frame;
Out of your magnificent giver of life.
As I can clearly recall
You asked for it.
You asked because you knew
that I was MORE THAN capable…
Capable of taking you over the edge
And satisfying you when the blood rushed to your head
As you dropped…
As I got every drop…


It was simple;
Rather easy.
Flowed like the thick river
That ran down my thighs
As you entertained yourself and attempted
To sustain that running water with your gentle tongue.
It was of mutual consent,
You asked
And I obliged
But now I live in wonder…
Should I regret what we have done?

I did nothing wrong!
You did nothing wrong!
Two animals can never do wrong
In heat and passion and desire and lust.
Isn’t this the way we were made?
Isn’t this the door that was opened?
He must have struck your fingers.
That must be why do not call…

Carmen xoxo


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