Friends in France

My friend visiting from France will have dinner with me Monday night. She was friends with my ex first, but got fed up with the way he treated me. When we split, she split on my side. I really look forward to the hookah bar with her when I leave campus that evening. I need an escape.

Mr. New Guy refuses to answer any of my texts and pleas for him to stop punishing me with silent treatment. I think the worse punishment anyone can give me is the silent treatment. It drives me absolutely mad. I hate it. I detest it with a capital d. I am realizing that he is so different from my ex, and if we even stand a chance in the future, I really have to treat him as an individual, and not with the baggage of my ex. It isn’t fair.

I thank God for prayer though. That for me has been my saving grace. I know God may not be pleased with me, but He is so patient. I am trying to be better and do better in His sight. Prayer has been what gets me through all the days when I feel tormented by memories and emotions. When I get down, I’m low. The only thing that helps is a prayer and maybe a tear shed. Oh yeah, and I can’t forget you guys. Y’all are also my therapy. Just knowing you also hear my inner thoughts, whether they be profound or foolish, makes me better and feel better. You’ve seen my progress and I know you guys are rooting for me! Why else would you keep coming back, or make all the blogs on Mr. New Guy the top posts on my blog.

I appreciate each one of you. Even if just one person has read my blog in a day, that matters to me. I love and appreciate y’all. Keep subscribing and sending messages or leaving comments, friend requesting me on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a good night guys. Sleep sleep.

Carmen xoxo

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